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Manifesting Your Hearts Desires by Kelly Sayers

Manifesting Your Hearts Desires by Kelly Sayers
There are many laws guiding us and ONE of the universal laws you must understand in order to consciously manifest your hearts desires is the LAW of ATTRACTION~What you think & feel and what manifests is always a perfect match. Abraham-Hicks.

Everything is energy and in every moment you are either attracting or repelling what you are wanting. It really is that simple. However most people are not aware of this truth and therefore continue focusing on what is not working and WHO they are angry at or hurt by and feeling disconnected from their own source energy. The power of forgiveness is more about YOU than another person, when you forgive someone including yourself your heart re-awakens and the higher self can lovingly guide you back into vibrational harmony with your hearts desires. When you are willing to release and let go of the negative thought forms and people who betrayed, hurt or upset you (imagine cutting cords to negative thought forms) you reclaim your inner power and can FEEL reconnected to the source of your abundance (that is you) and ATTRACT a better feeling thought. Once your thoughts and feelings return back into alignment with your hearts desires the universe answers your vibration and brings you everything you are desiring. YES Inspired Action is required sometimes however wait until you are guided and inspired otherwise your actions may be a waste of time. So ask yourself the question; WHO DO YOU NEED TO FORGIVE in order to Manifest Your Hearts Desires into Reality? I find it much easier to forgive others with the help of the Angels of Abundance. Call upon them anytime you desire to get back into your flow...

Once you have done your daily forgiveness work, focus on your hearts desires and ASK the universe for daily guidance and what feels like the next RIGHT move!

Enjoy and always KNOW you have the power in every moment to Make YOUR dreams a reality...

My coaching is based upon attraction and helping people achieve their highest vision and taking only inspired actions. My vision is people empowering people with the 5Ps Attraction Process being doing and having everything their heart desires.

Infinite Love & Gratitude...

Kelly Sayers

About the Author

Kelly Sayers is a certified Spiritual Life & Business Coach, Mentor, Advanced Intuitive and author of several coaching programs and recently published her book “Discovering Your Life’s Purpose with the 5Ps to Prosperity” with Balboa Press, a Division of Hayhouse USA. She is also publishing her latest book & oracle cards “Divine Miracles” and “Meditations with the Angels Series CD’s”. For many years now, she has been offering universal tools & processes for deliberate creation as a foundation of her practice. She is the Founder and Director of BetterLife Bookstore (Self Discovery Network & Magazine) and now she is the host of Self Discovery TV (Interviews with Inspirational Authors). Sayers is also the founder of The Soulful Awards, 'Women Empowering Women' Campaign honouring small business professionals to fulfil their life's purpose and create the life they love. Her new book "The Coaches Platform" will be with featured authors and published in NOVEMBER 2018.

Through her business, Kelly has provided Spiritual Life & Business Coaching to many individuals in Private Sessions, Webevents, & Live Workshops. She has helped many people realise their full potential and make powerful changes to both their personal and professional life. Inspired to coach people worldwide, such as Professional Women in small business, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Inspirational Authors, Coaches, Teachers, Healers and People who desire to discover their life’s purpose and make their highest contribution to the world.