10 Ways to Self Publish by Kelly Sayers

10 Ways to Self Publish by Kelly Sayers

Many people get 'stuck' when thinking about publishing their work into the world. The perfectionist or "Im not good enough" self talk kicks in and creates self doubt and procrastination. Here are 10 TOP ways to Self Publish....

1) Create a clear VISION for what you really want to accomplish. WHY are you so determined to Self Publish? What is the number ONE reason you are publishing your book?

2) Map out your manuscript, Title, Chapters number of Pages etc. Book size, perhaps find one in a local bookstore that inspires you and measure it ready for your printer down the track.

3) Design a beautiful and engaging cover and have a professional format into print version (once book ready to publish) the book and cover are two separate docs for both printer and digital printers to upload separately. Cover may be colour and content may be black and white. Do your research and plan ahead.

4) Start writing or recording your voice and have it transcribed. Forget about being perfect it's the "editing" that puts the book in correct structure and formatting. Just give yourself permission to go bla....and just start otherwise you block your flow and creativity. Use a word doc and keep it simple. Most editors can transform the word doc into another format ready for print or digital publishing.

5) Complete a draft and research an editor that is aligned to your work. Meet with them and make sure you feel comfortable with their previous work or recommendation. There is also an app called "grammerly" that can edit and do your spell check for you on the go.

6) Once the book has been edited (it may go back and forth a few times) you will need to format the word doc into the correct Print file or Kindle digital ebook format to upload to Amazon (if that's your choice) You can use a professional format expert to get the book ready. 

7)  Build a Team who will help you professional with print quality, sales and marketing media plan and building a website.

8) Find a local printer to save on shipping or upload into Amazon and Kindle, Barns & Noble and create global platforms for your book sales.

9) Professional Reviews will help your ratings on Amazon and other professional sites - create a sale one hour in a month to sell more at a time and gain more reviews 

10) Celebrate with a book launch party and get everyone you know to support you and share with their friends and family or social media sites. You are now a published author and can be interviewed or do talks to networking events. Congratulations!     Kelly Sayers - Amazon best selling author.