How to Become a 250k Soulful Entrepreneur in 2021

How to Become a 250k Soulful Entrepreneur in 2021

Attention Coaches & Consultants who are experts and very good at what they do. Design & Implement Your Life Purpose Blueprints & Build Your Own Brand & Become Your Own Boss! Learn how to define your NICHE and target your perfect customers, get into alignment with your higher self and have your Premium clients chase YOU! TRANSFORM YOUR MINDSET & ATTRACT WHO YOU ARE...

5Ps to Becoming a 250k Soulful Entrepreneur...

PRODUCT - Create an E-book and become an Amazon best selling author becoming the expert in your field. Instantly you can charge more money for your consults and speaking gigs. Clarity brings confidence and when you become the expert and believe in yourself, your product and your client - others will too!! 

PROGRAM - Once you are clear from your Ebook about the knowledge you have to transform peoples lives and have the expertise and passion for your higher purpose you can create a signature program building your brand.

PROMOTION - Accelerate Your Business Success by attracting your premium clients with video education and facebook & you-tube advertising.

PITCH IT PERFECT - Invite your qualified leads to your sales funnel and educate them in the exact benefits they will receive from your signature program.

PREMIUM CLIENTS - Engage Your Premium Clients with your Digital Delivery Systems that create the highest transformation and accountability for your client, tracking their success and coaching them to implement step by step blueprints.

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